Boys need to see THEIR fathers behave as good men so that they can mimic that behavior.
Strong sons need strong fathers who set standards. If you don’t give them standards to live by, they’ll pick them up wherever they can find them: Facebook, YouTube, or the wrong kids at school.

A strong father needs to give his son the model of a man to which he can measure up. That’s what a son wants from his dad: he wants to admire him and be like him. That is a lot of pressure put on a father, but that’s what being a dad is all about.

The good news is that all dad really needs to do is be available for his sons, to share time with them and let them watch, and learn from him. Nothing boosts a boy’s self-esteem more than his dad showing him that he wants to be with him. Improve the quality of your relationship today with the resources below!
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