As a pediatrician who has listened to thousands of children cry over the fathers they never knew, I know how critical you are to your kids. You have no idea how your words, feelings and behaviors impact your kids.
Dads, you have the power to shape your child’s world.
The truth is, dads have the power to shape their children’s worlds, whether they realize it or not. Fathers who don’t understand this are more likely to parent haphazardly and without focus, often resulting in kids who feel unprotected, insecure and unsure of their worth.

The dads who DO realize this are much more likely to be intentional about the kind of dad they choose to be: the character qualities they display, how they respond when no one else is watching, and their ability to lead and invest in their family.
Whether you know it or not, if you're a dad, you are a hero. 
Even if you're struggling with all the demands of fatherhood, every man has it within him to be the hero father his children need.
what dads are saying
“Dr. Meg provides an exceptional real look at what dads should step up and be for their girls. She has also gave perspective towards my wife and the father she has. Totally honest words that need to be heard and applied.” — Joshua
“Meg Meeker MD is very helpful. If you're a divorced dad, her advice also carries over into your perspective. I come from all-male upbringing and tomboy mom. So having all daughters was God's sense of humor at work. As they enter teen years, the ongoing content and books Dr.Meg has provided are a saving grace for me!” — Alan
DAD issues introduction
Fathers in America have a serious problem on their hands: They are terribly maligned. Look at the movies or television — they portray fathers as stupid, beer-drinking, channel-changing, hogging people who need to be taught life lessons by snarky twelve-year-olds.

The next time you are in a drugstore, peruse Father’s Day cards or birthday cards written for dads. Then, contrast them to the cards written for mothers. There is a stark contrast.

Children, require healthy relationships with their fathers just as much as they do with their mothers. Children are equally bound to their fathers by need-based love as they are to their mothers. If they have a good relationship with their dads, they want it to become even stronger. 
Fathers make children feel safe, and lower their risk of getting into all sorts of dangers. 
Studies show that toddlers who are attached to their fathers are better problem solvers.

Children who have a father living with them are more likely to stay in school, go on to college, and stay away from sex, drugs, and alcohol when they are in high school.

Kids need parents to parent. They don’t need more friends. I’ve spoken to enough dads to know that even the really good ones are scared to be the authority figure because they don’t want to be overbearing.  That is a lot of weight and responsibility on a father. But I want you to know that you, Dad, are hard-wired to be exactly what your children need.
They already see you as the strongest, bravest, most incredible man in their world. 
They believe that nothing is impossible for you, and that you would conquer all evil to protect them and your family. Your children have already given you this role! You just have to step up to the plate and be the very best father that you believe you should be.

I am here to help you change the narrative, and most importantly, have the best relationship possible with your child.
dads don't have to earn the title "hero" — their children give it to them.
Dads across the country, call, write, and email their concerns, worries, and questions. You can too!

Perhaps they’ve asked a question I've answered via my blog or podcast topics.

Maybe it's the answer that will change the trajectory of your relationship with your child

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