Early in my career, I learned something very important: If I want to help kids, I have to help their parents, because when parents are happy, kids are happy. So 30 years ago, I began listening very carefully to parents, and one thing I learned about mothers is, they worry too much.
Mothers are the love-givers. Whether a son or a daughter is the recipient, giving love well is still very difficult. Showing respect, offering protection, holding one’s temper, and being fastidious in perseverance of all aspects of good parenting are equally hard regardless of the sex of the child. Being a mother is tough work.
I decided to write on mothers for two reasons. First, after I saw the overwhelmingly positive response to the encouragement I gave fathers in Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, I realized that there's a scarcity of encouragement out there, not just for fathers, but for mothers too. Second, over the past 30 years, I have witnessed a shift in the level of stress that all mothers feel.

I believe (and research supports this) that mothers are more stressed today than they have ever been. I wanted to drill down and find the sources of the stress and offer solutions to mothers in a positive, encouraging way. I also learned one extremely important lesson very early on as a pediatrician: if I really want to keep kids emotionally and physically happy, the best thing I can do for them is help their mothers. Once she's happy, I didn't need to worry about the kids.
what MOMS are saying
“Dr. Meg provides practical advice and genuine encouragement to any woman blessed with motherhood. I have found her content a guiding light when I felt at my lowest as a Mother. Thank you!” - Rachel, 28
“I first discovered Dr. Meg while listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show. I was struck by her honesty and her professional experience. I have answered many of my son’s parenting dilemmas since then thanks to her blog and podcasts!"
I understand the stress and expectations many Mothers grapple with because I’m a mom (and a grandmother) too. 
I’m here to tell you that most of the things you worry about either don’t need to happen, won’t happen, or are out of your control anyway. Still, why are mothers filled with angst that we’re doing something wrong?
Expectations—that’s why.
Sadly, many mothers feel that at the end of each day, they didn’t do quite enough, be kind enough, work hard enough, or parent well enough. I’m here to tell you that this is a bunch of nonsense. You, Mom, are more than enough for your child, so start living like it.
Mothers across the country call, write, and email me their concerns, worries, and questions. You can too! Perhaps they’ve asked a question that I have answered via my blog or podcast topics. Maybe the answer that will change the trajectory of your relationship with your child lies HERE...explore my most popular mother centric podcasts and blogs below.
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