Feel like giving up on disciplining your kids? Read this first...
(Part 1 of 3)
Are you tired of constantly arguing with your kids? 

Of saying “no” 25 times a day? 

Don’t you wish you could find the perfect balance between being too nice and too strict?  
You may be feeling this way because you discipline on the fly. Rather than being deliberate and intentional with your kids, you make important decisions from moment to moment, problem to problem...

And this frustrates you like crazy! 

Does it seem like you just don’t EVER know if you’re doing or saying the right things to your kids? 
Are you afraid of making the same mistakes your parents did with you?
You are not alone.
Parents say things like this to me:

“Do I need to discipline my 3-year-old for talking back, or will he grow out of it?”

“Did my 4-year-old just spill the soup on the floor because she’s clumsy, or because she’s mad at me?”

“Should I let my daughter leave the house in that outfit? I don’t like it, but I’m afraid if I tell her to change, she’ll stop talking to me.” 

“If I make my son stick to a curfew, will he be better off or will it make him rebel?”

“I don’t want my daughter to see that movie, or spend so much time on social media….but…..if I implement strict rules, will she end up HATING me???"
Most parents let their fears and frustrations determine important parenting and discipline decisions. 

That’s why I’m going to show you how to stop feeling stuck, frustrated, helpless and uncertain. I'm going to show you how to get your kids to behave and actually gain their affection while doing it.

It's because I've learned the one principle that TOTALLY transforms the way you think about parenting and discipline...

I want to tell you something I know about you… 

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