(Part 2 of 3)
Here it is:
You are doing a better job than you think you are! How do I know? Because you’re here — seeking wisdom/guidance — ready and willing to learn how to be a better parent!
There aren’t any “one size fits all” solutions to your parenting questions because you and your children are wonderfully unique.

The truth is, parenting in the 21st Century is tough. Our children face challenges you and I didn’t. And that means you face new challenges as their parents.

So often, our concerns revolve around making our children happy. We want them to be happy all the time, and if they are sad, we certainly don't want it to be a result of our parenting...

... but this isn't always the best perspective.
It simply comes down to knowing deep down that you are making the right decisions, and giving your child exactly what he or she needs at the right time. 

You need a sustainable discipline strategy that you can apply from the time your child is two all the way until he’s 18. 

When you understand the principles of effective and healthy discipline, life gets so much easier because you'll have a framework that you can use for making the right decisions…

Decisions about when to say what.
The one thing that will completely change the way you think about parenting and discipline is...

Are you ready?
YOUR goal is not to raise a happy child TODAY.

YOUR GOAL is to raise a healthy, productive, AMAZING 25-year-old!
No more fear-based parenting. It's time to get strong.
Did you ever think that you could learn a STRATEGY for disciplining your child that would help you make good (or even great) decisions, even when you’re stressed or unsure what to do?

Doing what’s best for your child isn’t easy and it often feels daunting. But I want to help you find that strong parent that’s already inside of you.

I know you love your children— that’s why you’re here. 

But you may feel a bit confused, or are wondering, "How do I discipline my child? Do I have a strategy, or am I winging it? Should I be tougher or cut them more slack?" 

Well, I’m here to help you answer questions just like that and more. 

TODAY IS YOUR DAY to start making better decisions for your kids. I will help you facilitate real change in your parenting, and as you change, you will see your relationship with your child get so much better! You’ll have a happier, calmer home—and when your discipline starts to take effect, you’ll be happier and calmer too!
I want to personally teach you how to discipline with COURAGE and KINDNESS at the very same time. 
Imagine how your relationship with your child will blossom when you understand these 4 fundamental principles:

1. Discipline is an act of LOVE

2. Understand WHY your child acts up

3. Building solid fences makes GREAT kids

4. The REAL goal is to teach your child SELF-CONTROL

Self-control is one of the most important gifts you can give your child. 

Think about it— no one can be successful at anything (work, school, relationships, athletics) without self-control. It is the hallmark of a healthy, successful adult. 

A child without self-control is miserably unhappy, has poor self-esteem and feels afraid.
The best way to teach your child self-control is to model it yourself.
Friends, you deserve the peace of mind that you have done everything in your power to give your child love AND stability for the rest of his life. 

Many parents want to have a close friendship with their children. I get it. But the best way to ensure closeness is through strong discipline while your child is young. Discipline may make your 5-year old upset now, but...
A healthy relationship with your child built on love and trust is hard work, but it's 100% possible. It's well within your reach, and the rewards last a lifetime!
And that healthy relationship begins with knowing how to discipline effectively.
How would it feel to know: 
  •  You have raised a GREAT ADULT
  •  You've provided the right balance of freedom and discipline, love and firmness over the years
  • Your grown, adult children understand their limits, but also know their potential
  •  You can be a loving, positive influence in your child’s life. And your child wants you to be
  •  You can end the cycle of parenting mistakes that perhaps you experienced as a child
If this is what you want...then I have a proposal for you.

Are you ready to embrace changes that will allow you to tap into that better parent deep inside of you? Are you ready to let go of your parenting fear?
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