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I’m Dr. Meg Meeker M.D., and, like you, I’ve known the frustration...
I’m Dr. Meg Meeker M.D., and, like you, I’ve known the frustration...
I've known the frustration of arguing with kids, worrying about whether or not they’ll turn out to be great adults. So, whatever you’re feeling today...I’ve been there.

As a pediatrician of over 30 years, I’ve listened to thousands of kids and watched them grow up. And as a mother (and now a grandmother) of four grown adults who are now my very best friends, I know exactly what it takes to raise great kids.

There's a lot of parenting advice out there, and I can say that a whole lot of it is bad. It isn’t based on medical, psychological or time tested truth. My advice is. And that matters.

The most important thing I’ve learned about my work is this:
The best thing I can do to help your kids, is to help you. And I know I can do that.
I want you to ENJOY parenting. Because it really can be fun.  
Here is a freebie:

I will give you  3 SECRETS to take with you as you go out on your quest to be an amazing parent...

When it comes to discipline, there are three styles most parents adopt: 

1. Authoritarian
2. Permissive
3. Authoritative

You want to land in the authoritative zone—not in either of the other two.


Once you discover your parenting style, you'll begin to tweak and refine it. With practice, you’ll begin to recognize when you’re doing something right, and when you’re doing something wrong.

You'll begin to hear your internal parenting voice—the one that says,“Yup, I got that right." Or, the one that says, "Uh-Oh—I’m off track .”

Understanding your own parenting style allows you to start seeing the patterns in your own behavior and how they affect the way your child's behavior patterns. You will begin to see how you help your kids, or hurt them. 

Once you recognize your style, then you can plan your discipline strategy and reinforce it as your child gets older. You’ll finally stop doubting yourself, wondering whether or not you are getting discipline right!

You won’t have to ask yourself:

"Should I refuse to let her date that guy?...

...Wear that outfit to school?...

...or am I just being overprotective?"

You will feel confident with your decision and stop wondering, "Is it too early, or too late to give my daughter a cell phone?"

You can stop doubting yourself. I promise, when you become confident in your parenting, and courageous with your discipline, life will get so much better in your home.

We love our kids through discipline, not to make them happy in the moment, but to ensure years of happiness later in life.

What pushes kids away from you is lack of rules, and feeling ignored. To kids, lack of rules = lack of concern and love (Discipline Principle #2)

As a physician, I’ve learned that I’m really a teacher.
I teach parents how to do a great job parenting their kids. 

I've packaged up 30 years of pediatric experience—combined with the experience of parenting my own kids and witnessing literally thousands of other parents raise their kids—into a digital course designed to teach parents how to discipline their kids. And for the first time ever, I am offering it to you

There is a cost to the course, but it's nothing compared to the time you will save making your own mistakes and struggling to reverse them. My course will help prevent time wasted fighting with your children…time second guessing yourself…etc.

Money gets replenished, but the time you lose making mistakes with your kids, you'll never get it back. 

I love my new course, 
Discipline with Courage & Kindness

As I’ve said, the best thing that I can do for your kids is to help you be a better parent. This course will help you do just that.

What in the world are you waiting for?

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